Benghazi cover-up par for the course for Team Obama

But you have to go back even farther to appreciate the depths of White House chicanery. Remember this spring, when The New York Times published a headline-grabbing story about the Stuxnet virus? It portrayed a super-cool President Obama as the new James Bond, taking down an Iranian nuclear centrifuge by using ingenious, high-tech methods certain to endear him to his base. By the way, were any of the presumed West Wing leakers ever identified and held accountable?

While we’re at it, there are some even earlier dots. As Daily Caller readers will remember, that same New York Times published an “expose” just in time for the 2008 presidential campaign accusing TV military analysts, including me, of influence-peddling, selling our privileged insider access for private gain.

It took three years, four federal investigations and almost $3 million of taxpayer funds before the New York Times report was discredited. But by then, one of those who applauded the New York Times story and demanded those investigations had been appointed secretary of state while another had been elected president. Which, of course, was the objective all along.

Lying is what these people and their media allies do. And so far it has worked to perfection.

Colonel (Ret.) Ken Allard rose from draftee to Dean of the National War College. A former military analyst for NBC News, he is a prolific writer on national security issues.