Limbaugh to Brian Williams: NBC, MSNBC have their own ‘mess’ to clean up

Jeff Poor | Media Reporter

On his Thursday night broadcast of NBC’s “Rock Center,” Brian Williams took a few jabs at conservative talker Rush Limbaugh for referring to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie as a “Greek column” supporting President Barack Obama.

“So after all this [Hurricane Sandy] loss you might be curious as to why Rush Limbaugh went after Gov. Christie today,” Williams said. “It was because he was getting along so well with the president, working together, saying nice things about Barack Obama. Just when we think the storm wiped away everything, we learned politics survived.”

Limbaugh explained that he previously has had a cordial relationship with Williams, but felt compelled to respond when the NBC anchor attacked him.

“You know, something has happened to NBC,” Limbaugh said. “Not just MSNBC, but something happened to that whole umbrella NBC network. And he rakes me over the coals yesterday for having a little fun with Obama and Christie, and claiming I’m not in favor of bipartisanship. And I got a lot of emails from people saying, ‘You know Rush, you didn’t deal with that strongly enough. You laughed about it.’ Well, that’s what I do with most of it.”

Limbaugh aimed his remarks at Williams and asked him if he realized how business was conducted on MSNBC and NBC these days.

“Brian Williams, since you saw fit to misrepresent me on your great show last night, let me ask you: Brian, have you watched your network lately?” Limbaugh continued. “Have you watched your sister, or brother, whichever network it is, MSNBC, lately? You guys have your own kind of mess to clean up there, because you and your colleagues — you’re not only destroying news and journalism in this country, you’re not even doing your job.”

One specific example, he said, was the death of U.S. Ambassador to Libya Chris Stephens at the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, which he compared to prior Republican scandals that got far more attention.

“Does Benghazi ring a bell to any of you at NBC?” he continued. “Does the name alert you to anything? I know it’s not as cool as Iran-Contra or Watergate or Katrina. Those all involved Republicans.”

“But you know, Brian, four Americans died — as it turns out, unnecessarily. They were murdered, Brian. And people are trying to get answers and NBC doesn’t care. In fact, NBC is helping to cover it up. Did you ever think that you would be compared to Woodward and Bernstein helping Nixon cover up Watergate? Because that’s what NBC is doing.”

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