Katy Perry wears skintight dress, wants you to vote for Obama [PHOTOS]

Fine upstanding pop star Katy Perry, who kisses girls and likes it and frequently wakes up with a strangers in her bed (if her song lyrics are to be taken literally, which they certainly are) performed at a rally for President Obama Saturday night in Milwaukee, Wisc.

Perry performed in the key swing state just three days before the election wearing a skintight pleather dress with the Obama campaign’s “Forward” slogan bedazzled down the front of it. Because nothing says “Seriously, Vote for Obama, You Guys” like skintight pleather.

Katy Perry performs at Obama rally in Wisconsin Katy Perry performs at Obama rally in Wisconsin

The “singer” did a cover of Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together” (a favorite song of Obama’s) before launching into her mind-boggling popular hits, according to the Associated Press.

Perry’s concert comes just before Bruce Springsteen is set to perform at an Obama rally on in Madison, Wisc. Monday.

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