Leaders with Ginni Thomas: John Gizzi’s congressional predictions

Ginni Thomas | Contributor

Currently the political editor of Human Events, John Gizzi has covered politics for 33 years. If his predictions for Tuesday’s elections come true, it will be strong night for Republicans.

The Daily Caller’s Ginni Thomas spoke with Gizzi in his office — filled with old-fashioned rolodexes, file cabinets, bumper stickers and photographs — to get his thoughts and predictions about the most prominent congressional races by region. When the mainstream media calls winners and losers Tuesday night, we are betting that Gizzi saw it first.

Though any one tea party loss will be magnified by the elite media, Gizzi reminds us: the ranks of the tea party will be growing even if there are a few losses blown out of proportion.

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Give us your overall predictions for the House and Senate elections on Tuesday

Discuss the likely tea party winners and losers in the 2012 elections

Your predictions for congressional races in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic?

Your predictions for races in the South?

Your predictions for races in the Midwest?

Your predictions for races in the Mountain states and West?

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