Dominican government official: Sen. Bob Menendez a frequent guest at ‘sex, hookers and drinking’ parties

This source confirms what TheDC reported last week: that Menendez underpaid two Dominican prostitutes around Easter this year. Also confirmed was that the senator was in the Dominican Republic during those days.

Menendez, the source said, will likely “den[y] it to try to save his political reputation.”

The source added that while it’s common for Dominican government officials to engage in wild sex escapades in their own country — where prostitution is legal — it’s unusual to see an American elected official doing the same thing.

“It’s so typical down there every government official does it anyways,” the source said. “In the Dominican Republic, having these kinds of affairs is very common.”

A Menendez spokeswoman did not respond to TheDC’s request for comment for this article.

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