Small business owner: I’ll hire 100 employees if Romney wins

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If you are unemployed in the Atlanta area, you may be in luck, contingent the election results Tuesday night.

One local small business owner is so confident in Mitt Romney’s policies that he has pledged to hire 100 new employees should the former Massachusetts governor win.

“It’s about a $50,000 investment that we’re willing to make on these new agents,”  Frank Duffy, owner of Duffy Realty, told CBS Atlanta.

“It’ll only happen if there’s a Republican in the White House after Wednesday. If there’s a President-Elect Romney, we’re willing to make that investment.”

Regardless of which candidate wins Tuesday night, some new positions will open up. But Duffy is not willing to make as big an investment should President Barack Obama be re-elected.

“I’m not willing to take that $50,000 out of my cash to make that investment,” Duffy said. “I will hire agents piecemeal, five, six, seven, eight at a time, but I’m not going to make the investment going out on a limb to help the unemployed … start their life over.”

Duffy admitted to CBS that his company did succeed during the last four years, but contends that he supports Romney because his policies will be better for small business.

The health of small businesses are huge campaign point for both presidential candidates. Obama has boasted of his support for mall business tax credits and loans, while Romney has bemoaned cumbersome regulations for stifling businesses.

Recently, a survey revealed that 55 percent of all small business owners say they would not start a business in the current environment. Sixty-nine percent of the small respondents blame the Obama administration for the regulatory policies hurting the economy.

According to the small business advocate National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB), “cost of health care and uncertainty over economic conditions and government policy remain the top problems facing small business.” Environmental regulations, obtaining financing and finding out about changing regulatory requirements are some of the fastest growing concerns among the small business community.

The Small Business Administration estimates that 65 percent of net new jobs come from small businesses, defined as 500 employees or less.

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