Video: Little girls urge mothers to vote for Obama, preserve abortion access

“When I got back to New York, a writer friend, Kelly Simmons, told me her idea for a spot where daughters ask their fathers to make the right choice when they vote,” Kent explained in an email to TheDC. “That didn’t quite work for me — fathers and young girls seemed too potentially suggestive. So we rewrote the script addressing it to both moms and dads. Ultimately I felt mothers talking to daughters would be most effective.”

According to Kent, the video was created at little cost.

“Everyone on the crew worked for free. The equipment was all donated. Although we used a casting director, most of the girls are either daughters of friends, my nieces, a girl who lives in my building, a girl I saw while waking my dog, etc,” she continued.

“I rushed into doing the spot in kind of a passion frenzy without giving much thought to the financial end, so I wound up picking up the cost for any food, taxis, hard drives, etc. A bit of a financial hit but not terrible. We just shot it last week and are still actualizing the receipts. But it was a great experience — so different from the over $1M jobs I’d done earlier in the summer.”

Kent added that the video is her “political contribution to the Obama campaign,” as she felt knocking on doors in 2008 served little purpose other than annoying people.

Kent’s description on the YouTube video adds that her pro-choice passion stems from her grandmother’s experience giving birth over age 50 to a daughter with Down Syndrome because it was illegal for her to have an abortion. The child’s eventual death “devastated” he grandmother, she said.

“Because when Felice was 6, she died of Leukemia,” she wrote. “Her death devastated my grandmother, who was heartbroken and never fully the same. This is the kind of situation we’re facing if we elect government officials who are pro-life.”

Planned Parenthood has been an avid supporter of President Obama, putting millions toward his re-election and boasting a president, Cecile Richards, who has been on the campaign trail with Obama and is a devoted surrogate.

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is pro-life. He has said on the campaign trail that he believes the “Roe vs. Wade” Supreme Court case should be overturned. He has also said he would end federal funding for Planned Parenthood.

Romney does not oppose abortion in cases of rape, incest, or when the life of the mother is at risk.

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