As campaign comes to close, Romney argues he has the momentum

And in several states where Obama seems to have a relatively significant lead in the RealClearPolitics polling average – Michigan, Minnesota and Pennsylvania, for instance – there is at least one recent poll in each showing Romney tied or in the lead, giving the Romney campaign and its supporters hope that there could be a Tuesday night surprise in a state the Obama campaign had thought was safely theirs not too long ago.

What’s more, many Republicans argue that the polls are over-sampling Democrats. They believe that the enthusiasm is on the Republicans’ side and that turnout will benefit Romney-Ryan on Election Day.

And sure enough, at the Fairfax rally on Monday, Romney was greeted by thousands of energetic supporters. As he approached the podium in front of a large banner promising “Real Change on Day One,” the crowd chanted, “One more day. One more day.”

“Thank you for that welcome,” Romney told the crowd. “I’m overwhelmed.”

“I’m looking around to see if we have the Beatles here or something for once, but it looks like you just came to support the campaign and I appreciate that.”

A police officer at the event said that in its current configuration, the Patriot Center had a capacity of 8,500 people. Hundreds, if not thousands, of Romney supporters were turned away from the event after it reached its capacity.

Romney told the crowd that with just hours before the polls opened on Tuesday, he – not Obama – has the momentum on his side.

“If anyone out there that’s following American politics wants to know where the energy is, just come right here to this room,” Romney said.