Close election could bring close-shaved head for losing political party spokesman

CHICAGO — Either Democratic flack Brad Woodhouse or Republican flack Sean Spicer will soon be shaved almost bald, according to a bet they made today over Twitter today.

“The [election] winner will shave the loser’s head, on air,” Woodhouse told The Daily Caller during a conversation in the press pen at Chicago’s McCormick center, where President Barack Obama is slated to give either a concession speech or a victory speech late on Nov. 6.

The good news, Woodhouse, added, is that “I’ve got a set of clippers at home.”

Woodhouse is the chief spokesman for the Democratic National Committee.

Spicer is the chief spokesman for the Republican National Committee.

There’s no evidence that either has had his head shaved in the past. Spicer is a commissioned officer in the U.S. Navy Reserve, but that service doesn’t require crew cuts.

“Men must keep hair neat, clean and well-groomed. … Hair shall be no longer than four inches,” the Navy Reserve’s website says.

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