Obama grassroots website spouts gibberish, tells Democrats to ‘Mak calls from om”

Barack Obama’s grassroots get-out-the-vote website is spouting gibberish to Democrats in some ZIP codes, The Daily Caller has learned.

Democrats in some North Dakota and California areas who used BarackObama.com to find re-election field offices and sign up to canvass for the president were met with broken English and entire sentences made up of half-words and nonsense.

One North Dakota user, a professor at Dickinson State University, told TheDC that he encountered the problem the first time he tried to locate an Obama field office.

TheDC was able to reproduce the phenomenon by using an Internet Protocol proxy to visit the Obama website from an address that appeared to be in North Dakota.

The website responded with a screen titled “FD LOCATOS AR YOU” and a subheading of “o each elt fon.”

“Thee ae no event nea yo,” the rest of the text read,” bt yo can till help get ot the vote fom mone ing o online call tool to talk to vote in key tate:”

Below the text was a clickable button reading: “MAK CALLS FROM OM.”

The Dickinson State University professor, who asked to remain anonymous, said he was surprised to see an otherwise professional-looking website communicate in broken words.

The result, he said, “looks like it could be sloppy modern English. I thought Obama was supposed to be the education president,” the professor told TheDC.

AJ Stacy, a Democratic Twitter user from Long Beach, Calif. reported another example of this phenomenon Monday evening.

Stacy posted a photo of his computer screen after he tried to register for a canvassing shift in a nearby neighborhood.

“Chooe a Shift,” the site told him.

“Thee ae open volntee hift at thi location! Select one o moe hift hee yo can help get ot the vote:”

The screen offered him options from “ovembe 2-6” including “MODAY 5” and “TUSDAY 6.”

If he chose to volunteer, Stacy was asked to RSVP. “o, ente yo into to ave yo oot,” the Obama website urged.

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