Green groups target the Keystone pipeline, push for carbon tax in Obama second term

However, it seems unlikely McDermott’s bill will pass.

“The reason that the global warming alarmists tried to enact cap and trade legislation is because they thought that they could fool the public into not realizing that it was a tax on them,” said Myron Ebell, president of Freedom Action and director for the Center for Energy and Environment at the Competitive Enterprise Institute.

“A carbon tax should be much easier to defeat because it is obviously a tax on consumers,” Ebell continued. “However, the environmental left is making concerted efforts to convince some in the conservative movement that a carbon tax would be acceptable if it were part of a larger deal that cut some other tax.”

Environmental groups have also called on the president to stop his support for fossil fuel energy that they see as causing climate change and extreme weather, citing the recent superstorm Sandy.

“Hurricane Sandy plainly shows why solving global warming must be the top priority for President Obama’s second term,” writes the environmental activist group Greenpeace. “The President must stop supporting the dirty energy sources that cause global warming, fueling extreme weather and putting our coastal communities, our farmers, and our children at risk.”

Greenpeace has been one of the groups actively opposed to the construction of the Keystone Pipeline and their activists have been among those arrested protesting the pipelines construction.

Last year, actress Daryl Hannah and Greepeace’s Radford were arrested outside the White House while protesting against the Keystone XL pipeline. And the letter hints that more arrests may be around the corner as the winter months approach.

“No one needs to get arrested this time—though that may come as the winter wears on,” the letter continues. “For now we simply need to let the President know we haven’t forgotten, and that our conviction hasn’t cooled. Please be there if you possibly can.”

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