Don’t go wobbly, GOP

Yes, Romney lost. But that may have more to do with voters still blaming George W. Bush. By 53 to 38, voters still blame Bush for our economic woes. At least Romney gained a split on handling the economy, 49 to 48 over Obama, in the exits. Romney also had a slight lead on the budget deficit, and the two were about even on unemployment. I call this free-enterprise progress. So at least Romney brought the numbers back to even.

Over time, if the GOP remains the party of free markets, private enterprise, individual initiative, and rewarding success, it will triumph over a Democratic Party that favors greater government welfare dependency and income redistribution, and mocks the benefits of successful business.

The past election did not solve this debate. And though he lost, I think Romney helped improve the GOP’s economic credibility. But the battle will still be fought.

Again, I say, Republicans must not go wobbly on economic freedom.

Larry Kudlow is the host of CNBC’s “The Kudlow Report.”