Rebecca Black 2.0: Somehow, worse than the original [VIDEO]

Remember Rebecca’s Black’s pointless, annoying, auto-tuned ode to the last day of the workweek?

She has a protégé, one with a song and music video that — if this is even possible — is worse than its predecessor.

In fact, if there were a contest held to find a more grating video than “Friday,” Nicole Westbrook’s “It’s Thanksgiving” would come in first, and there wouldn’t be a close second.

Not surprisingly, Patrice Wilson wrote and produced “It’s Thanksgiving.” He’s the same mastermind behind “Friday,” but in this masterpiece of obvious calendar riffing he sits dressed in a turkey costume with a table full of middle schoolers.

Obviously, it’s a traditional Thanksgiving straight out of a Norman Rockwell painting, except that the kids make the stuffing and the parents are nowhere to be found. Come for the pointless mechanical beats, stay for the turkey leg’s cameo as an improvised microphone.

Can we stop peddling talentless prepubescents with awful music videos now?

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