Rubio heads to Iowa, 2016 begins

Sen. Marco Rubio is heading to Iowa next weekend to headline a birthday fundraiser for Gov. Terry Branstad.

The invitation to the “Governor’s 2nd Annual 65th Birthday Bash” promises “Live Music,” “Speeches,” “Dancing,” “Fun for the Whole Family,” and, not to be forgotten, “Birthday Cake.”

But more importantly, it promises a likely Republican presidential contender in the state that is not only a crucial swing state, but holds the first nominating caucus in the nation.

Rubio was considered a possible vice presidential pick for Mitt Romney this cycle.

Branstad’s fundraiser last year boasted six of the Republican presidential contenders as speaker — though Romney was not among them. Newt Gingrich also attended the event, but arrived late and did not have a speaking spot, according to CNN.

Tickets for the event, unsurprisingly, are “going fast,” according to a tweet from Tim Albrecht, Branstad’s communications director.

The 2012 Presidential election is over, so why waste the next four years — let’s move right along to 2016.

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