U.S. Virgin Islands senator arrested, charged with bribery-related crimes in DOJ scandal

Reached Thursday evening, TheDC’s DOJ source said that Holder and President Barack Obama decided to wait until after the election to take this case down, and that this is just the beginning. The source said Holder and Obama held up these arrests and prosecutions until after the election because they feared political embarrassment for failure on an issue that’s sensitive to the Democratic base: financial crime and Wall Street corruption.

This move – apparently by Holder – comes as talk surrounds his potential resignation before a second Obama White House term. “That’s something that I’m in the process now of trying to determine,” Holder told University of Baltimore law school students about the possibility of his return in Obama’s second term. “I have to think about, can I contribute in a second term?”

“[I have to] really ask myself the question about, do I think there are things that I still want to do? Do I have gas left in the tank? It’s been an interesting and tough four years, so I really just don’t know,” Holder added.

TheDC’s source said Holder has been aware of every detail on every part of this scandal from the beginning.

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*This article was updated after publication.