White House spokesman Jay Carney evades questions about Benghazi attack

Tapper pressed Carney for information about Obama’s actions Sept. 11 evening, but Carney declined to provide details — even about whether Obama met with security officials late that night.

“There was a five o’clock meeting, but then what about after that?” asked Tapper.

“The president was made aware of developments throughout the evening and days ensuing, so I’m not sure what your question is specifically,” Carney replied.

That reply left open the possibility that Obama withdrew into his private study in the family quarters after the Netanyahu phone call.

Obama often uses the study to make decisions, based on written reports.

Prior to the Sept. 11, Obama had scaled back meetings with intelligence officials. White House officials later said he was kept up to date on intelligence reports, even without meetings.

“Nobody is more interested than the president in making sure that the [Sept. 11] facts are collected, that we find out exactly what happened,” Carney declared on Friday.

“So we’re never going to get a tick-tock [of events that night]?”  Tapper pressed.

“I don’t have a date certain for you for when those investigations will continue,” Carney said.

The two investigations into the assault do not encompass Obama’s actions that evening.

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