15 TV shows we wish were still on prime time

Remember the days when you ran home from the school bus to eat your afternoon snack of Dunk-a-roos or Gushers, and washed it all down with a Capri Sun before tuning into your favorite show?

At least now you can crack open a beer after work, but the shows on TV just aren’t the same. Yeah, you can always watch reruns or buy all the seasons on DVD, but your roommate might judge you if you’re caught watching the same “Boy Meets World” episode again when Cory and Topanga finally get married.

While there may be a new, creatively-named spin-off show, “Girl Meets World,” in the works, there’s no way it can capture our hearts like the original. Here are the top 15 shows we not only wish were still on air, but were still acceptable for us to watch.

P.S. If you DVR the Boy Meets World reruns that come on at 5 a.m., you are not alone.

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  • "Saved by the Bell": Television just hasn't been the same since this show went off the air. And who doesn't miss seeing Kelly (Tiffani Thiessen) everyday?
  • "Boy Meets World": The new spin-off  "Girl Meets World" is coming, but we all know Cory won't cut it playing the Mr. Feeny role. At least Cory and Topanga are still together! #truelove
  • "Full House": Two words -- Bob Saget.
  • "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch": Where is Melissa John Hart these days? Oh yeah, starring in "Melissa and Joey," with Joey Lawrence -- another irrelevant teen star.
  • "All That": Where would the world be if this show hadn't introduced us to Amanda Bynes? (The Amanda Show almost made this list.) P.S. Does anyone else miss Repair Man Man Man?
  • "Are You Afraid of the Dark": Don't lie, you definitely slept with a night light after you watched this show.
  • "Doug": Enough said.
  • "Fresh Prince of Bel Air": Can you sing "You're movin' with your auntie and uncle in Bel Air" without doing the voice? Didn't think so.
  • "Freaks and Geeks": Sadly, this cult classic was short-lived but luckily it was only the beginning for stars like Jason Segel, Seth Rogen and James Franco.
  • "Legends of the Hidden Temple": If you aren't still bitter that you never made it on this show,you're lying to yourself. You and your partner could wear matching elbow and knee pads, color coordinated t-shirts AND a helmet! Winning the grand prize is an after thought after all that.
  • "Pete and Pete": Who could forget Pete squared, the best ginger duo of all time?
  • "Rocko's Modern Life": When will there ever be a show about a wallaby again?
  • "Total Request Live": The peak of Carson Daly's career. Remember when MTV actually played music?
  • "Recess": The show that gave us hope that we could really dig to China. Remember the Diggers? Side note, the Ashley's were definitely the original "Mean Girls."
  • But no one seems to be mourning that Winnie from the Wonder Years (Danica Mckellar) grew up. Wonder why.
  • "The Wonder Years": Who isn't a little sad that Kevin Arnold (Fred Savage) grew up?

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