David Frum’s passive-aggressive predictability

But let’s say Frum’s argument is correct — Romney lost because the “conservative media complex” forced him to take positions out of the mainstream. How, then, did the candidate who was to the left of every other GOP primary hopeful except Jon Huntsman win the Republican primary? Shouldn’t Michele Bachmann, Rick Santorum or Newt Gingrich have been the one beaten by President Obama last week?

If Obama had lost, would Frum have written a similar diatribe blaming the “liberal media complex” and calling out Hilary Rosen for her remarks about Ann Romney or the endless list of shenanigans from MSNBC’s Chris Matthews? Doubtful.

No, Frum’s three-chapter e-book is nothing more than a self-serving “I told you so” trotted out under the guise of making constructive suggestions for the future of the Republican Party.

But none of that matters as long as the TV appearances and book deals keep coming. Right, David?

Jeff Poor covers the media for The Daily Caller. Follow Jeff on Twitter.