TheDC’s Jamie Weinstein: 12 possible 2016 Democratic presidential contenders

With only 1,456 days until Election Day 2016, the Democratic presidential primary is already heating up. Well, not quite. But the talk has at least begun. Last week, The Daily Caller previewed 13 potential GOP contenders for 2016. Here are 12 potential Democratic contenders (in no particular order):

1.) Hillary Clinton — It was supposed to be hers in 2008, but Barack Obama came from nowhere to rip the nomination from her hands. Now Clinton stands as arguably the most popular member of Obama’s administration (we’ll see if the Benghazi investigations tarnish her reputation). A poll taken after last Tuesday’s presidential election gives Hillary a decisive edge in Iowa, though if early polls meant a lot, a Nexis search for “President Giuliani” would yield many more results than it does. Or a search for “President Hillary Clinton,” for that matter.

2.) Joe Biden — You can thank President Obama for this one. Had President Obama not picked Joe to be his running mate, he probably would not likely be in serious consideration for 2016, especially when you take into account his pitiful 2008 showing. But since he is the sitting vice president, he is by default a contender if he wants to be. Among the things that go against him: If elected in 2016, he would the oldest president elected to either a first or even a second term in American history. Ronald Reagan, currently the oldest president ever elected in American history, was three months shy of his 74th birthday when he was re-elected in 1984. Biden would be just a few weeks shy of 74 if elected in 2016.

3.) Cory Booker — The Newark mayor is something of a rock star. Seemingly a fairly moderate Democrat, Booker has become a master of social media. His constituents tweet problems at him, and he often responds to the tweets by personally solving the problems. During Hurricane Sandy, he even offered one fellow tweeter the use of his house, which had just gotten electricity. In April, he saved a constituent from a burning house, suffering smoke inhalation and a second degree burn on his hand in the process. Interestingly, while completing his Rhodes Scholarship at Oxford, Booker, who is Christian, served as president of the Chabad organization there. He also angered the Obama campaign when he defended Romney’s role in private equity on national television during the presidential campaign. There is some speculation he could run for governor against Chris Christie next year, but even if he does, 2016 may be a bit too early for the 43-year-old mayor to run. But who knows?

4.) Mark Warner — If 2012 taught us that the American electorate hates rich, old white men, then Mark Warner’s presidential prospects aren’t particularly luminous. The Virginia senator made a fortune in the telecommunications industry before being elected Virginia governor in 2001. People thought Warner, who has positioned himself as a moderate, was going to run for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2008, but he opted to run for the Senate instead.