Despite losses, emails show RNC members lauding Reince Priebus

The Washington Times cited sources claiming at least 42 of 168 RNC members have pledged to support Priebus. House Speaker John A. Boehner and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell also privately support a second term for Priebus, according to the report.

At least one Republican — however — is not praising Priebus: his predecessor, Michael Steele.

In a conference call last week, Steele — who in 2011 was defeated by Priebus amid complaints of his leadership of the committee — suggested he had a better record than Priebus as chairman.

“What was the mess I left behind?” Steele said Monday in response to a question from The Daily Caller during a conference call organized by his firm. “Winning.”

“My point is get out of those weeds and look at what the results are, look at what the party is doing, how it’s branding itself, how it’s reaching new voters, how it’s expanding its base, how it’s appealing to people, and look at what that response is,” Steele said.

“And that should be the criteria and the judgment on RNC leadership,” he said. “Period.”

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