Democratic senators: Rice was reading unclassified talking points approved by intel community

Feinstein said Republicans who are considering blocking Rice’s potential nomination are not playing fairly.

“I think it is making a very divisive fight. We have seen wrong intelligence before and it all surrounded our going into Iraq, and a lot of people were killed based on bad intelligence. And I don’t think that’s fair game,” Feinstein said.

“I think mistakes get made. You don’t pillory the person,” she said.

To say of Ambassador Rice that “because she used an unclassified talking point, to say that she is unqualified to be Secretary of State, I think is a mistake,” Feinstein went on. “And the way it keeps going it’s almost as if the attempt is to assassinate her character. And I really object to that.”

The meeting with Petraeus cleared up many things, Chambliss said, but said he still has some lingering questions.

“How did this group penetrate the facility that we had in Benghazi and who were these folks? We have a pretty good idea now, we’re getting closer to determining that. We know they were al-Qaida affiliates or al-Qaida itself, and we know that there had been training going on on the ground there, and it’s delving into more depth on issues like that we’ve gotta find out about,” Chambliss told reporters after the hearing.

Sen. Marco Rubio said though there were still more they had to learn, it had become clear in the meeting that “the security measures were not adequate despite an overwhelming and growing amount of information that showed that the area of Benghazi was dangerous and particularly the date of Sept. 11 was a critical date.”


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