Sen. Grassley enters fray in pushing for answers from Holder, Mueller on FBI’s Petraeus probe

Utah Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz, a member of the House judiciary committee and House oversight committee, raised questions about the FBI’s use of investigative power in this case in an interview with The Daily Caller this week.

When asked if he thinks the FBI illegally hacked certain email account in the course of its investigation, Chaffetz told TheDC he thinks that’s “a legitimate question that is yet unanswered.”

Fox News legal analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano raised similar questions in another interview with TheDC.

Napolitano said the federal investigation was “the use of law enforcement either for a personal vendetta that [Tampa military liaison Jill] Kelley pushed through her FBI agent connection, or a political vendetta – somebody wanting to silence, by embarrassing, humiliating and destroying the credibility of Petraeus.”

“Not only does it not appear there was a crime committed,” Napolitano continued, “[and] not only does it not appear that there was a national security implication, but this is hardly the type of thing that the FBI investigates. This was instigated, apparently, by the Kelley woman, and her friend in the FBI. That is an inappropriate means to commence an investigation by the FBI.”

It also appears the information the FBI uncovered has been leaked to the press in an effort to smear Petraeus’ reputation, according to Napolitano.

Justice Department spokeswoman Tracy Schmaler has not answered inquiries about whether Holder and Mueller will comply with Grassley’s request.

She also hasn’t answered separate inquiries about whether she is involved in any way in leaking law enforcement information.

Schmaler has used left-wing group Media Matter for America to smear whistleblowers and the press in the Fast and Furious and New Black Panther Party scandal investigations.

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