The Whiskey Rebellion, November 2012

Right away, we knew this was an exceptional spirit. The nose was sweeter than usual for its type, but not the typical bourbon molasses, instead giving off notes of rose, apple and pine with just a hint of spice.

On the tongue, this whiskey had a warming characteristic and a light spice, almost seasonal and perfect for Christmas. Starting soft and finishing with a strong touch of spice on the end of the tongue, George Dickel Rye is very drinkable and could be enjoyed neat.

This whiskey is also lighter than your average rye, and we wouldn’t suggest mixing it into a cocktail. This, it turns out, is appropriate, as the old man himself spelled his “whiskey” without the “e” to make a point that it was the equal of any Scotch sipping whisky in the world.

And this is a good thing. Because right now, while times are bad and almost ensured to continue as such, it’s a damn fine thing to enjoy a drink with deep American roots.

So we’ll enjoy George Dickel Tennessee Rye Whisky, and when the bastards try to get us down, we’ll lift a glass of this American original high, and toast the spirit of her people.

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