Steve King: Obama’s going to have his way in fiscal cliff negotiations

“Thomas Jefferson said that large initiatives should not be advanced on slender majorities, and he never believed it ought to be advanced by the discredited Congress that people have voted out of office,” King said. “Can you imagine, what if people said ‘We’ve had it with all of you, we’ll vote you all out of office,’ so we go into lame duck session, put a hundred percent tax on them and pay them back? I mean, it’s just wrong.”

Negotiations about how to deal with the fiscal cliff — the combination of spending cuts and expiring tax cuts set to take effect at the end of the year — began in earnest on Friday when Obama met with congressional leaders. He reportedly made clear that he would not sign off on any deal that did not include more taxes coming as a consequence of Bush-era tax cuts expiring on Jan. 1.

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