‘Su’s Anal Bum Party’? Grammy nominee’s publicists make Twitter gaffe of the year

A publicist for “Britain’s Got Talent” legend Susan Boyle is probably looking for work after Twitter erupted with jokes celebrating what was either a stroke of PR genius or the entertainment industry’s best online gaffe ever.

Boyle’s digital marketing team tweeted an invitation Oct. 30 to an album party celebrating her musical collection “Standing Ovation: The Greatest Songs From The Stage,” but the impromptu hashtag #susanalbumparty — meant to convey “Susan Album Party” — was widely interpreted as “Su’s Anal Bum Party” instead.

While the original tweet was quickly scrubbed from Boyle’s Twitter account, the hashtag has lived on. And as the Sun, a British tabloid, reported, the tweeting games began.

“Stoked for the #susanalbumparty,” one Twitter user wrote. “[I]t’s gonna be pretty wild. I wish she’d do a webcam for it too.”

“WORST MENTAL IMAGE EVER,” came a verdict from a British entertainment blogger, whose audience retweeted it 449 times.

Another quipped that the album party might be sponsored “by #powergenitalia or #whorepresents perhaps.”

Read those slowly, and then substitute “PowerGen Italia” and “Who Represents.”

The prize for deep thought, though, goes to a Web designer who noted that “An Album Party” was first punned on Saturday Night Live during a “Celebrity Jeopardy!” comedy sketch.

“Susan Boyle channels her inner Connery,” he wrote, “with her release hashtag. I’ll take #susanalbumparty for 7000!”



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