The weakest of the weak: 10 White House petitions that never got off the ground

#7: Proclaim the National Musical Instrument to be the Guitar
Days: 4
Signatures: 4

“The guitar has increased in popularity every year since 1833. Whether it be Jazz, Blues, Country music, or rock music, the guitar is found in those musical styles. Increasingly also are the number of American Luthiers who build guitars whether it be at home as a hobby, small or large businesses. The guitar is here to stay as far as American music is concerned.”

#6: Stop the Un [sic] Gun Control Ban due to the Second Ammendment [sic] of the Constitution of the United States of America
Days: 9
Signatures: 5

“Stop the United Nations from Emposing [sic] a Gun Control Ban on the United States of America. Second ammemdment [sic] protects the right to bear Arms. Any such International ban would be a violation of the Constitution.”

#5: Implement single-payer Medicare for all
Days: 6
Signatures: 40

“Eliminate all private health insurance, all state health care programs, and consolidate all federal health care programs into single-payer Medicare for all, with special benefits for Veterans. … Require mandatory enrollment, fund through payroll taxes and sliding-scale subsidized premiums for persons aged 21 to 64.”

#4: Stop the USPS from perpetual bankruptcy as a result of prefunding its retirement program
Days: 6
Signatures: 19

“[B]y forcing it to prefund retired postal worker benefits, this critical service is now in jeopardy of being dissolved and handed over to the private sector. This is intolerable. … This is tantamount to citizens paying income taxes on all their future earnings, which is patently absurd.”