The weakest of the weak: 10 White House petitions that never got off the ground

#3: Recognize the cryptid species known as Bigfoot as an endangered species in the United States of America
Days: 8
Signatures: 64

“Bigfoot also known as the ‘Sasquatch or Yeti’ is in danger of becoming extinct. … We plea [sic] with the Obama administration to recognize Bigfoot or Sasquatch as an American species of animal as soon as possible and put it on the endangered species list. Research is an ongoing effort in the field of studying this creature, and one day it will be discovered and shown to the American public.”

#2: Raise capital gains tax on high-profit investments; treat it like income tax
Days: 4
Signatures: 1

“We need to treat capital gains (money made on investments) like income tax. This is how many ultra-rich Americans have made money; if we tax it at a higher rate in a ratio in accordance with the profit, we can impose these higher regulations on wall street.”

#1: STOP White Genocide through halting MASSIVE non-white immigration into EVERY white country and ONLY white countries
Days: 3
Signatures: 78

“Massive immigration and forced-assimilation, i.e. intermarriage, between us and all those non-whites is demanded of every country in Europe and America. They are having us literally change our complexion by bringing in tens of millions of third world immigrants. This is never demanded of Japan or Taiwan, but it is demanded of equally crowded European countries like the Netherlands and Belgium, and the U.S.A. … Anti-racist is a code word for anti-whites”

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