‘Chicken, chicken, chicken!’: Gospel singer thankful for poultry [VIDEO]

Eating turkey today? Gospel singer Logan MacWilliams is probably eating chicken.

The vocalist’s latest YouTube video, now trending on Facebook, is KFC-meets-R&B.

“How do you want it? I like it fried. How do you like it? I like it with rice!” she sings.

“How much do you eat it? I eat it all the time! Chicken, chicken, chicken, that’s right”

MacWilliams, who has serious Gospel chops (Get it? Chops?), said she wrote the song seven years ago and her friends insisted she put in online.


Best line? “Hallelujah! … I believe that chicken died so that we — might — live!”

YouTube viewers seem to be taking the song in good humor. “Hi! Do you have any songs about waffles?” one commenter asks. “What about Key Lime pie?”

In a bonus track of sorts, MacWilliams added a “Fat Girl’s Benediction” in which she asks the Lord to make sure she doesn’t die skinny.

“Man cannot live by bread alone,” she intones. “so I’m here to tell the Devil that I shall have my collard greens, and I will have my mac & cheese, and I will have my candied yams!”

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