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Barack Obama doesn’t care about damp people

Remember this picture from Halloween day, as President Barack Obama visited victims of Hurricane Sandy?

Remember Obama holding hands with Chris Christie and making sure everybody could hear him tell the people of New Jersey, “We are here for you”? Remember how, with his big promises, he healed the wounds left by The Evil George Bush Who Caused Katrina?

Yeah, maybe not so much. Kevin Wexler at The Record decided to follow up with that woman, now that she’s no longer needed as a reelection prop:

Donna Vanzant struggled through flooded streets and downed power lines two days after superstorm Sandy to reach the ravaged marina she owns in Brigantine.

Secret Service agents were combing the area when she finally arrived, and by the time the afternoon was over, she had met President Obama and shared an emotional hug with him…

I returned to Brigantine last week to see how she was doing…

She said she was honored to meet Obama, but she is also frustrated that she has yet to receive help from either her insurance companies or the government. “The president told me I would get immediate help,” she said.

“Looking back on it, it wasted a lot of people‚Äôs time,” she said of the visit.

Unfortunately for her, Obama isn’t a Republican, so that’s as far as her complaint will go. The election’s over, and she served her purpose. Oh well.

A promise is an accomplishment. A photo op is its own result.

Four more years.

(Hat tip: The Blaze)