Carolla, Gutfeld mock media’s ‘phony outrage’ over woman’s Tomb of the Unknown Soldier gesture [VIDEO]

“There are two things that bug me about it,” Gutfeld said. “The talk show people will not remember this two weeks from now. She’ll be unemployed. The other thing is she works with assisted-living people, as the talk show hosts claimed, [and] some of them might be veterans. So she actually does good work. These folks that are condemning her probably do less good work than she does. I agree, what she did was stupid and disrespectful, but she was doing it to the sign. And it was stupid, and she apologizes. Why did she lose her job?”

Carolla added Stone could sue her former employer for wrongful termination. But he seemed to be more irritated by the manner in which the “Today” show hosts covered the story.

“There’s four fucking adults there,” Carolla said. “No one gives a shit. Everyone is actually educated. The show, just from a programming standpoint — four people sitting around and agreeing with each other is not very compelling watching or viewing. Somebody should have said, ‘Look, what’s the big deal? I’m not defending her, but she was goofing off, in poor taste.’”

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