Christmas gift ideas for the junk food junkie [SLIDESHOW]

There are few things in life better than melty cheeseburgers, fully loaded nachos, or an ice cream cone on a hot summer day.

Of course, some appreciate these treasures more than others. But this holiday season, why not mix things up and give the gift of honoring America’s favorite guilty pleasures? Come on, who wouldn’t want hamburger socks?

Warning: These gifts may induce hunger pangs and may not be suitable for those on a diet.

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  • If all else fails, give the greatest gift of all: Taco Bell. Even the Grinch would sing "Jingle Bells" after a couple Dorito-shelled tacos and a Cinnamon Twist.
  • The Girl Scouts' line of cookie-flavored chapsticks are guaranteed to be cherished by any gift recipient, as well as their lucky kissing partners.
  • Give the gift of hamburger socks and make someone's feet the most fashionable on the block.
  • There's nothing "cheesy" about this tie. (Get it? Because this tie looks like cheese.)
  • This wallet is both a delicious AND fashionable way to carry around the world's two most precious goods: money and bacon.  Also, this gift can be given as part of a set, alongside Baconnaise and bacon toothpaste -- if Santa really thinks you've been nice this year.
  • A doughnut clock, because it's always 8:00 a.m somewhere.
  • Go out and buy this T-shirt for someone before it hits the Paris runway in 2013.
  • This fortune cookie predicts that you will sleep long and deep on this beautiful pillow.
  • WARNING: This is not an actual cookie. It is an iPhone case.

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