Spoon-bending ‘mentalist’ announces invitation to perform at Obama inauguration

Like the Facebook post, the blog post was later deleted. But it’s still available on the website of an organization called the North Texas Skeptics.

Reached late Monday night, Nu told The Daily Caller that he will be performing at an inaugural ball sponsored by the American Legion.

“I know that I get to sit down and have dinner with them,” he said in an email, referring to President and Mrs. Obama.

Nu added that he would be bringing “an entourage of 25 other magicians and ‘mystery entertainers’ to provide some  Inaugural enchantment for the many Congressional Medal of Honor recipients who will also be saluted by the President at this event. I am pretty sure that it is being held at the Washington Renaissance Hotel.”

Watch Alain Nu:

Fans of the president who can’t make it on January 21, 2013 won’t necessarily miss out on the fun. The Magic Warehouse, an online merchant of illusions and sleight-of-hand equipment, sells “Animalogic by Alain Nu,” a trick in which “[a] spectator is asked to think of an animal of virtually any kind. After concentrating on both its name and image, the though[t]-of animal can be immediately revealed.”

The nine-dollar trick is described as “EASY TO DO!” with “NO SET-UP!”

Another magic merchant, the Shop of Secrets, once sold Nu’s “Any Card” trick for $35. “A randomly thought-of card is found at a random number from the top, or face, of an examinable deck, under the watchful eye of a very skeptical audience,” the product’s blurb reads.

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