Not stuck in the middle with you

While a sorted few may cheer the rhetoric of the median and chisel away at everything that once was exceptional, for the most part Americans choose to aspire to be leaders in a country where, with hard work, anything is possible. Where we revere the successful person who started a company that now employs hundreds of families in our community. Where our education and hospital systems are coveted around the world because we have unleashed innovation and entrepreneurship and let the best among us share their talents and successes.

We are not treading water and hoping to reside permanently in some sort of political category. We all want to touch the dream that was the origin of our founding. We all should reject any notion that we are average. We are all Americans aspiring to our greatest potential, and there is nothing ordinary about that.

So here’s hoping that no matter what those clowns to the left of us or jokers to the right say, being “stuck in the middle with you” is somewhere none of us want to be.

Ken Nahigian is the general counsel and director of public policy for Nahigian Strategies, a communications strategy and public policy firm, and served previously as counsel to Senate Commerce Committee Chairmen John McCain and Ted Stevens.