Bloomberg: ‘No intent whatsoever’ to raise taxes on NYC residents after Hurricane Sandy [VIDEO]

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg told The Daily Caller on Wednesday that he has “no intent whatsoever” to raise taxes on New York City residents after the $15 billion in damage caused by Hurricane Sandy.

Bloomberg was visiting Capitol Hill to lobby for federal disaster relief aid.

“Keep in mind, the only tax that New York City controls is our property tax. We have no intent whatsoever to raise the property tax, nor do I think it will be needed,” Bloomberg told TheDC after he was asked if taxes would rise in NYC.

Bloomberg said $15 billion of the overall $42 billion in damage to the state of New York occurred within New York City. He’s asking lawmakers on both sides of the aisle to support federal assistance to cover the costs.

“The difference is, really, FEMA money. You asked me the question how much without — that was insured — without FEMA or anything else, and that’s $15 billion,” Bloomberg told reporters during a press conference at the Capitol.

New York Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer, who was also present at the press conference, emphasized the extent of the damage at the city level.

“That’s not just the damage to New York City. For instance, all the MTA [transit system] damage doesn’t come under the city’s ask, it comes under the state’s. But much of it is New York City, probably most,” Schumer said.

New York Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo has not said if state taxes will rise. However, New Jersey Republican Gov. Chris Christie has warned residents that higher property taxes may be on the horizon because of Sandy’s destruction.

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