Dallas police lieutenant suspended for gangsta rap video threatening violence

A Dallas police lieutenant is on administrative leave pending an investigation into threats of violence in a rap video she made under the stage name “Lucille Baller.”

“Lucy’s got a drawer full of all-day suckers,”  Lt. Regina Smith rhymes. “Don’t mess with me or I will shoot you fuckers.”

“Let Lucy be nice and let Lucy act pretty,” she says later in the video, “’cause the last thing you want is Miss Lucy getting shitty.”


The Dallas Morning News reported that Smith made the video in order to promote her independent record label, Big Rush In Global Media.

“I have no comment, and I will deal with whatever happens,” she said. “It has nothing to do with the police department.”

The newspaper reported that in another video, she is seen pointing a revolver at a target, calling the gun “Miss Lucy.”

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