Let’s take a stroll down Lindsay Lohan’s mugshot memory lane [SLIDESHOW]

After a bar fight Thursday morning in which she allegedly punched a lady in the face, actress Lindsey Lohan was arrested for the umpteenth time. This follows several arrests for a DUI, jewelry theft and probation violations since 2007.

Let’s take a stroll down Lohan’s mugshot memory lane, shall we?

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  • In February 2011, Lohan pled no contest to charges of theft after she took a necklace from a Venice, Calif. jewelry store. Unfortunately, there is no mugshot, but here she is before the court proceeding. She was placed on house arrest and three years informal probation.
  • In October 2011, Lohan violated the necklace theft probation by failing to complete her mandated community service hours. This is, so far, her worst mugshot.
  • Lindsay Lohan is escorted from the 10th Precinct police station, with her face shielded. (AP Photo/ Louis Lanzano)Lohan was arrested Nov. 29, 2012 after reportedly punching a woman in the face at a NYC nightclub. Her mugshot has not been released yet, but here she is leaving the police station.
  • This mugshot was taken in September 2010 after she violated her probation yet again after failing a drug test. She spent part of a day in jail before being released on bail.
  • In July 2010, Lohan decided to go to Cannes, France instead of attend a court-mandated DUI progress hearing. When she returned stateside, she was arrested and served 14 days out of her 90-day jail sentence for violating her probation.
  • This mugshot was taken when she was booked for the DUI and cocaine charges. She spent a whopping 84 minutes in jail.
  • Lohan was arrested in July 2007 for driving under the influence. Having a baggie of cocaine in her pocket did not help matters.

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