Classic films, now with cameos by screen legend Nic Cage [VIDEO]

Screen legend Nicolas Cage was, unfortunately, not alive to play Ashley Wilkes in the epic film “Gone with the Wind,” nor old enough to play opposite Clint Eastwood in “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.”

But thanks to the magic of technology, an iMovie mastermind was able to digitally insert the world’s finest film actor into classic films in a video called “Classic Movies: Now with More Nic Cage.”

According to the YouTube description, YouTube user PleatedJeans says, “I got tired of Nic Cage always asking me ‘How am I not in THAT MOVIE!?’ So, I decided to insert him into a bunch of classic films. I think you’ll agree that any movie is instantly 100 times better when you add Nicolas Cage.”

Now, he can be seen in an old western, the original James Bond flick and some more recent films that casting directors originally missed the opportunity to feature Mr. Nicolas Case.

WATCH (Warning: foul language ahead — Nic Cage curbs his language for no one):

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