Should Barry Bonds be in the Hall of Fame?

And what of Peter Edward Rose?

If baseball is willing to ignore the Steroid Era, it is certainly time to reconsider the Cooperstown fate of Pete Rose (and “Shoeless” Joe Jackson for that matter). Banned from baseball for violating its rules on gambling, Rose sits on the sidelines because his crime against the Boys of Summer reportedly affected the “integrity of the game.”

“Charlie Hustle” is the undisputed hit king of baseball, garnering 4,256 hits in his illustrious career. Pete Rose accomplished all he did on the field without the use of any performance-enhancing additives except hustle. Sorry, Derek Jeter fans, but no one will break Pete’s hit total in my lifetime.

Fans of the game do not understand why the standard applied to Pete Rose is not being applied to those who led the game during the Steroid Era. If Rose is out of Cooperstown because his gambling affected the integrity of the game, then the steroid users should ride the pine too.

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