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Costas, Whitlock dismiss backlash against their ‘gun culture’ remarks [AUDIO]

“I think guns have a place in our society that’s completely inappropriate for young people,” Whitlock replied. “It’s been defined that having a gun is the cool thing, it’s the appropriate thing to have. And I’m talking about professional athletes. Too many of them are carrying guns, and they’re reflective of this macho male society that’s too pervasive throughout our country.”

Whitlock reminded listeners that former New York Giants standout wide receiver Plaxico Burress’s career came to an abrupt halt after he accidentally shot himself with his own gun in a New York City nightclub in 2009.

Costas implied sports athletes have never really needed to own firearms.

“I ask this question rhetorically: Can you give me an example, one example of a professional athlete — let’s confine it to sports — a professional athlete by virtue of having a gun was able to diffuse a potential violent or deadly situation? Was able to disarm someone who was doing innocent people harm?”

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