Comedian: Liberal comics ‘don’t want to make fun of Obama because they feel that it will weaken him’

Even if you disagree with many of the policies proposed by the Democrats in Congress, which you say are dominated by “Modern Liberals,” don’t you think they are motivated by altruism in supporting, for instance, universal health care, even if you may think it is unfeasible and perhaps unconstitutional in its current form? How is that supporting evil, instead of perhaps supporting a misguided policy?

I have no doubt and don’t make any other claim that the Modern Liberal’s purpose is altruistic. Their desire is, in fact, the ultimate in altruism: to create heaven on Earth. It’s just not mature, has no relationship to the grown-up, real world and, ultimately, because it doesn’t, it leads them to policies that are invariably destructive. Those who hounded former Harvard President Larry Summers off of campus were doing so out of “altruism” and the desire to end “sexism” by making it virtually illegal to consider differences between the sexes, but they did nothing to advance the cause of science or promote sound policy that can only come from the truth.

By trade you’re a political comedian. What political comics do you admire?

I have seen Dennis Miller be so great that I almost said I’m only the second best conservative comedian out there. I think Chris Rock can be brilliant at times. Jon Stewart is extremely clever, though a great example that there is very little correlation between cleverness and being right. He is at least a) honest (albeit typically wrong) and b) often very funny.

Do you think comedians have taken it easy on President Obama? Why?

There’s no doubt they’ve taken it easy on Obama. They’ve even admitted it themselves. Liberals don’t want to make fun of Obama because they feel that it will weaken him if they honestly point out his foibles and his short-comings. The narrative is that Obama is sort of a god (in fact, Evan Thomas of Newsweek said exactly that.) Gods don’t have any flaws. Thus, if they point out a single flaw, they are entirely destroying the narrative. Conservatives don’t think of their leaders as “messiahs” (or mythical knights in the fictional kingdom of Camelot) and thus, poking fun at them is not sacrilegious. To the Modern Liberal who looks to their leaders the way small children look to their parents, making fun of Obama is simply beyond them.

Any plans yet for your next project?

There is still the rest of this book to edit and, in some places, finish writing. In the remainder of the book I address not just the policies that the permanent retardation of the Modern Liberal leads to, but the pathologies as well. As I continue to work on Volume II of the book, I will also be continuing to give lectures (and am available for hire to do so!) as well as as many of my “Evan Sayet’s Right to Laugh – A Night of Conservative Comedy” as time allows.

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