Lone Republican running for Jesse Jackson Jr.’s House seat: No to voter ID, yes to affirmative action

The Pennsylvania native has written for Politic365, a website that caters to African-American politics. That outlet published a transcript of McAllister’s remarks during a September 2012 NAACP press event in Philadelphia. In that appearance, McAllister warned Republicans “against taking back America by taking away legitimate access to ballot boxes.”

McAllister told The Daily Caller in a phone interview that he is not in sync with the platform from the 2012 Republican National Convention.

“I believe in affirmative action for at least one more generation, until the economic employment and education disparities in America begin to shrink permanently,” he said.

“Another example is our approach to abortion. The most effective way for pro-life Republicans like me to weaken Roe v. Wade is to make Roe v. Wade irrelevant through education, advocacy and respectful activism. Through those efforts, one day Roe v. Wade may fall off the books without much notice or divisiveness.”

And given what he called “Republicans’ willingness to negotiate taxing the [top] 2 percent” of income-earners, McAllister told TheDC that he wouldn’t  adhere to any anti-tax pledges if he should pull off an election-day miracle.

“I adamantly support and understand the need to support tax rates that facilitate business investment into struggling urban environments, such as the Northern part of the 2nd district,” he said.

McAllister added that he is unaware of any other Republicans who are running against him. He said he is investigating whether  campaign finance laws would permit him to fund his campaign with money he raised for his unseccessful North Carolina races.

The heavily Democratic District will hold its primary on Feb. 26. Republicans have not yet announced when — or whether — they will hold an election to choose their candidate.

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