States still have power to reject Obamacare

This is where the grassroots come into play. In just the past two weeks, our members have sent more than 30,000 messages to governors and key lawmakers in undecided states, urging them to “just say no.” And guess what? It’s working. For example, soon after local FreedomWorks activists in Wisconsin contacted top state executives, Governor Scott Walker announced that the Badger State would not play along with the federal scheme.

Freedom activists have been on the front lines of this fight since early 2009. We are not giving up now.

We didn’t stop fighting when Obamacare was rammed through Congress over the opposition of the American people and every single Republican. We didn’t stop when Chief Justice John Roberts bizarrely ruled that the individual mandate is unconstitutional but can be implemented anyway (as a “tax”). We didn’t stop when President Obama narrowly won re-election. This fight will not end as long as the American people have a voice and keep standing up for freedom.

Dean Clancy leads health care reform efforts at FreedomWorks, a national network of more than two million grassroots Americans committed to lower taxes, less government, and more freedom.