Google’s Schmidt would bring climate activism to Obama admin

“It turns out that there’s a lot of debate about global warming,” Schmidt said as he unveiled a computerized projection of Washington, D.C. under water. “I’m a little worried about the Smithsonian. And I want you to look at the NASA headquarters. It’s a little bit of a problem. I think it has an underground parking garage,” Schmidt joked. “You’re in big trouble.”

“There is an article yesterday that says that there is a possibility of this scenario occurring by the year 2100,” Schmidt added. (12:00-12:45 of Video 2)

The Schmidt Family Foundation, founded by Schmidt and his wife Wendy, aims to affect change by “investing in a pattern of economic development that includes green, sustainable environmental practices and design.”

“we support public education around issues of energy and the environment and promote public understanding of the science of climate change,” according to the foundation’s website.

Wendy Schmidt is also a trustee of several environmental groups including the Natural Resources Defense Council and Climate Central, which aims to “Communicate the science and effects of climate change to the public and decision-makers.”