The 25 dogs of Christmas [SLIDESHOW]

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. But decorating the tree or sitting by the fire just wouldn’t be the same without your favorite pup nuzzled up beside you.

The holiday season is finally upon us and TheDC is helping you count down the days before the big day with the 25 dogs of Christmas.

Some of these canines are philanthropists making appearances at animal charities. Others are service dogs serving our soldiers and civilians alike, and the rest are just homebodies who would rather curl up beside you while you read a book.

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  • Even Santa and Rudolph need to catch some zzz's before the big night.
  • Meet Reesha, the dog on the left who is all ready for his ugly sweater party and Jorja on the right, the service dog, who looks like her next service will be guiding Santa's sleigh.
  • St. Nick with his companion St. Lick.
  • This is Teddi with a ton of teddy bears all ready for Santa to give to all the nice boys and girls.
  • Here is Dre the dog reminding us all to support our troops this Christmas.
  • And, of course, we can't forget Max -- the infamous dog who helped the Grinch steal Christmas.
  • Schnauzers looking snazzy in their holiday attire.
  • "Been an angel all year, Santa baby, so hurry down the chimney tonight!"
  • Barney, the Shitzu from Surrey who doesn't seem to like chestnuts roasting by an open fire.
  • The reindeer dog feeling guilty he ran over grandma.
  • Actress Rachel Covey poses with the star of the show, Santa Paws!
  • Queenie the dog who's probably thinking "O' Christmas tree, O' Christmas tree...This sweater is so itchy!"
  • Here's Pookie, the pooch from San Salvador, parading around like she's Santa.
  • Meet Mrs. Santa Paws.
  • Lola, a chill dog from Cali who promises she's been nice -- not naughty.
  • Santa Claus and his pup in Milan, just trying to play it cool.
  • This Golden Retriever will be pouting when he finds out this isn't Santa but The Early Show's weatherman, Dave Price.
  • Flossy the cavalier from England just rockin' around the Christmas tree.
(Photo by Phil Cole/Getty Images)
  • "Hey Santa! All I want for Christmas is some lovin'!"
  • Hana, the dachshund from Japan, just wants her Christmas cake.
  • Eddie the dog from "Frasier" not only dominates staring contests. He wins the most spirited award too!
  • "The puppies were nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of sugar-plums danced in their heads."
  • Rex, the red-eared reindeer
  • Deck the halls with boughs of collie!
  • Jingle Bell puppy!

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