10 Christmas ads you just don’t see these days [SLIDESHOW]

Christmas just isn’t the same nowadays. What ever happened to the good old days of Santa shilling Lucky Strikes? Or ads suggesting that men buy their wives vacuum cleaners or kitchen supplies?

Everyone knows that all a woman wants for Christmas is an ironing board. Problem solved.

Here are 10 Christmas ads you just don’t see these days.

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  • Or does Santa smoke Lucky Strikes? WHICH IS IT?
  • This is self-explanatory and 100 percent true.
  • Why, yes, it IS time you gave yourself a revolver this Christmas.
  • Problem solved: Reagan smoked Chesterfields, so should everyone else. Plus, the Christmas carton makes a "beautiful" gift.
  • Gee, dad, more little kids need rifles these days.
  • Or does he smoke Pall Malls? A dilemma!
  • Santa smokes Camels, so you know it's cool.
  • What do women want? Easy! An ironing board, of course.
  • Every woman wants stockings for Christmas. Trust.

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