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“Bunker” is Prepper for “Coffin”

You won’t even get a chance to fire a shot. They’ll just keep pushing dirt hill, upon dirt hill over you. They’ll turn the earth around you into a moat pushing that dirt on top of you. They don’t even have to use a bulldozer. All they have to do is chain the hatch closed and then build a small mound around and over your air intakes—you’ll be dead from suffocation within hours. And all you folks thinking  you’re safe in your former-missile base bunker? Get real!

In order to defend a site like that, you need personnel. Lots and lots of personnel. You’ll need more people to defend that site than can be comfortably housed within that bunker—the reason there weren’t that many personnel on hand to defend the missile bases during the Missile Crisis of WWIII, was that there were enough at nearby bases to jump in if needed. You won’t have that luxury. A US Army Special Forces Forward Observation Base being overrun along the North Vietnamese border in 1968, will seem like a cakewalk in contrast to how easily you’ll be wiped out.

Let’s be clear what bunkers are all about. Even for Hitler when he killed himself in one. Even Saddam Hussein, when he hid in a one-man version. Over and over the theme of some cavalry coming to the rescue keeps creeping into people’s consciousness and actions. When the SH!+ REALLY Hits The Fan…there won’t be anyone coming to bail you out. There won’t be anyone to save the day. Even the FOBs that were manned and defended by some of the most daring and courageous Americans in Vietnam, did so with the understanding that all they had to do was hold out until the might of American airpower rained down on the attackers, keeping them at bay until the just as powerful of the Big Green Machine came to relieve them. A lot of those bases were still overrun by the NVA…


It’s time to get away from bunker mentalities and thinking that you’re going to get bailed out by someone else. You will be on your own. That means you’re gonna need to learn how to think like your grandparents, great-grandparents and way back through history. You’re gonna need to know how to relate to people and build networks—something all these new communications devices have retarded so much in people, that kids can’t even talk to parents anymore, unless through cell phone texts. You’re gonna need to know how to work a plow. You’ll need to know how to read a farmer’s almanac…and that’s if you’re lucky enough to have one.

Yes, you’ll even need to learn how to shoot. And I don’t mean how to kill paper. I mean kill people trying to kill you: yes, those people you only see in news, but are increasing in number from what the news reports touch on–those we call bad people. No, shooting people is not the same as shooting paper: neither in tactics, nor in psychological responses. The problem is that like with bunkers that in the short term help a construction company make a bit more money during what is the hint of an economic collapse getting ready to snowball (something many foreign and domestic political factions, enemies of the United States have planned for, and have begun taking advantage of for their own agendas, just like the Nazis in Germany during the 1930s), or make someone who can afford a private bunker feel the false sense of security he or she needs, the reality is that it’s all hogwash: both the reasonings for prepper bunkers, and the idea that it’s preparing for the collapse, or some true Doomsday event.

Doomsday means you’ll be on your own. Look around, people. There are people who have been in combat. There have been people who’ve been as close to observing over the years a variety of Doomsday scenarios on a national level in foreign countries that are as close as coming to it without the whole world falling under its weight. Seek them out, get properly trained, and save the money you’d waste on a $150,000-plus metal and concrete coffin. Spend the money on what you’ll really need: medical supplies, non-hybrid vegetable and fruit seed, and again training–your mind is the most powerful weapon and tool ever imaginable for preparing for what’s coming down the pike. Problem is that so many squander it by feeding it mush and keeping it occupied with idle priorities, like how to find and purchase the best new doo-dad, doo-hicky…and bunker. Put that $150,000-plus into rural land that can be easily cultivated and turn it prosperous now—don’t wait until you have to bug-out of the city to get it started.

If you have already purchased and installed a Doomsday bunker, turn it into a root cellar. It’ll serve you much better keeping your vegetables and fruits, and canned goods, through winter, than serving as a place to hide out until things blow over…This isn’t a John Wayne movie: it ain’t going to blow over, and the cavalry isn’t coming.