Pro-Obama business group recruited small business leaders to back president’s budget plan

Local op-eds promoted by the Business Forward Twitter page date back to early November, shortly after the election.

Charlotte business owner Kenneth Rance, writing for Nov. 27, declared, “So why shouldn’t the most wealthy Americans pay just a little bit more in taxes? Haven’t they benefited the most from the Bush Tax Cuts? … Spread the word throughout your jobs, communities, and congregations on how important it is to contact your elected officials and encourage them to support the President’s ‘go big’ balanced approach to solving the fiscal cliff.”

Las Vegas business owner Ron Nelson, writing in the Las Vegas Sun, Nov. 23, opined, “As a small business owner, I could not agree more with the president’s approach. … The millionaires and billionaires in our country could easily afford to pay taxes on their additional income over $250,000 at the same rate as they did in the 1990s. … We cannot, as a nation, rely purely on spending cuts.”

Hampton, Va., business owner Angela R. Claypoole wrote for The Virginia-Pilot Nov. 18, “On Election Day, we agreed that raising taxes is a necessary step for our economic future. We can’t just cut anti-poverty programs and hope that balances the additional tax cuts.”

California business owner Charles Vignola wrote for the Santa Clarita Valley Signal Nov. 12, “Unfortunately for congressional Republicans, the public has spoken, giving President Obama an electoral mandate beyond anything George W. Bush ever achieved. Voters overwhelmingly agreed with Obama’s reasoning that the rich need to pay a little more.”

Business Forward representatives could not be reached for comment.

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