The ten most overrated things in the world [SLIDESHOW]

Noted author and essayist Christopher Hitchens once said that the four most overrated things in life are champagne, lobsters, anal sex and picnics.

Although not many people would agree with this list (who doesn’t enjoy freshly broiled lobster tails accompanied by some bubbly!), we’ve all been there. Whether it was a well-reviewed movie, a 5-star restaurant or just a social occasion that the entire world seems to love, we’ve all experienced that feeling of being completely disappointed by something that was supposed to be amazing.

While some things deserve all the acclaim they could ever receive (sunshine, The Beatles, Taco Bell), others continue to remain inexplicably overhyped and overrated.

Here are 10 of the worst offenders.

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  • Ok, I get it.  The coffee's pretty good, the ambiance is nice, and every autumn they roll out a line of pumpkin-flavored beverages.  But still, the only reason any chain should charge $5 for a coffee is if it comes in a diamond-studded mug.
  • James Cameron spent over $200 million to make Avatar, and the special effects are undoubtedly beautiful.  But you know what else would have been nice?  An original plot.
  • Every year since 1935, the Heisman Trophy has supposedly been given to the best college football player in America.  Unfortunately, the powers that be almost always overlook defensive players for a Quarterback or Running back, and many of the winners end up performing terribly in their subsequent bowl game and/or professional career.  Is this the "Heisman curse" at play or is the trophy just a flawed, overhyped award?
  • Apple products are great, but so are many other brands at a fraction of the cost.  The cult of the Mac is strong, though, and it doesn't seem as if people are going to stop lining up for hours on end to purchase overpriced electronics anytime soon.
  • Zooey Deschanel is incredibly pretty, but when she's in her 30s and on TV talking in song-song about rainbows and unicorns and glitter and fun!!!!, it's almost impossible NOT to flip the channel.
  • New Year's Eve should be one of the more fun holidays, because it pretty much solely consists of drinking and kissing.  But if you go out, you end up paying a lot of money to get into a tightly packed bar or party, and if you stay in, it's hard to keep the party alive after 12:01.  It's probably not a coincidence that the movie named after this holiday ended up being terrible as well.
  • A lot of music festivals have such incredible  an line-up that it seems like a crime NOT to go.  But then you end up paying $80+ to stand cramped under the hot sun, sweating profusely, and unable to re-hydrate because a bottle of water costs $5 and if you leave to buy one you lose your spot.  Plus, as soon as Lindsay Lohan started attending Coachella, everybody knew it was time to move on.
  • Who's idea was it to gather at a bar to listen to painful renditions of terrible 80s songs for 3 hours??
  • Everybody talks about how great your 20s are, but do you know what it's like to be a modern day twentysomething?  Think: oppressive student loan debt, unemployment, insecurities, confusion, anxiety over the future, and a terrible dating scene.  Granted, the nightlife can be fun, but then it's always proceeded with a morning of asking yourself, "Am I too old for this?"
  • Sometime in the past decade, cupcakes exploded onto the New York City food scene.  Soon thereafter, they managed to spread throughout the country, and now they just won't go away.  Why is everybody so crazy about cupcakes?  They're small, dry, have too much icing, and if you do manage to find a good one, it's over in about three bites!  Sign me up for a big ol' pan of regular cake anyday.

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