Chuck Woolery’s top reasons to own an assault rifle

Mike Piccione | Editor, Guns & Gear


Chuck Woolery is a Navy veteran, game show host, singer and conservative activist. Chuck is the chairman and co-founder of Restart Congress ( which according to their web site “is a non-partisan super PAC committed to holding Congress accountable for their actions and ultimately re-establishing a government ruled by the people, for the people.”

Here are Chuck’s top reasons to own an assault rifle:

1. The Constitution – you know that old outdated Constitution that is the law of the land.

2. Second Amendment allows for assault weapons. The kind of guns we own are not limited.

3. Assault weapons act as a deterrent to foreign invasion. “A rifle behind every blade of grass” ~Fleet Admiral and Commander-in-Chief of the Imperial Japanese Navy, Isoroku Yamamoto, discussing why Japan could not invade the United States during WWII.

4. There is already a ban on assault rifles. Since 1934 they have been regulated – that would be real assault weapons, not things that look like assault weapons.

5. Handguns kill people too. All guns are dangerous in the wrong hands.

6. We need the jobs. The gun industry employs 184,000 people with good paying jobs.






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