GOP senator slams USDA for not answering questions on policies contributing to record food stamp use

Following news that participation in the food stamp program hit another record high in September, Alabama Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions took to the Senate floor Tuesday to lambast the Department of Agriculture for failing to respond to an oversight request regarding USDA policies that have likely contributed to the expansion of the program.

“America is a generous and compassionate nation. We do not want to have people hungry in our country,” Sessions, the Ranking Member on the Senate Budget Committee said. “We want to be able to be supportive to people in need, but every program must meet basic standards of efficiency and productivity and wisdom in management, and this program is resisting that.”

Friday, the USDA released its most recent data on Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or food stamp, participation — revealing that enrollment once again hit a record high in September with 47.7 million people enrolled (more than 600,000 more people than the previous month of August.)

Sessions, a hawk on confronting food stamp excesses, noted that every recent year and every month, participation in the program has continued to rise and spending has quadrupled in just over a decade to $80 billion in 2011.

SNAP, he said, is the fastest growing major program in the U.S. government today.

The Alabama senator has been pushing USDA for answers on their various means of food stamp promotion — notably to people who either do not want or who should not be on food stamps. While he said he has received some answers that were “very troubling,” his most recent request in October (with a mid-October deadline) for more answers and for USDA to eliminate some of their promotion materials has remained unanswered for nearly two months.

“Now we’re not getting anymore answers. They are just shut-door,” Sessions said. “[Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack] basically said, ‘well you member of the Senate, you are asking too many questions, I’m not giving you anymore information you raise concerns when I give you information. You point out problems, I don’t like that, you’re not getting anymore.'”

Sessions noted that previous inquiries have revealed the agency to be engaged in a concerted effort to increase the number to people on food stamps — including efforts to persuade against “mountain pride,” overcome the word “no,” a partnership with the Mexican government to enroll more new immigrants in SNAP and claiming that more people on food stamps is an economic benefit to communities.